Lost“ briefly faced the “Twin Peaks” syndrome, when its hot young stars were briefly attached to hot movies, and were courted to the big screen. On his down time from the show, Matthew Fox made Smoking Aces, We Are Marshall, Vantage Point and Speed Racer. But now that everyone is free from the island, Fox can pursue his big screen career in earnest (again). According to Deadline Hollywood, he’s signed on to play the bad guy in Rob Cohen’s adaptation of James Patterson’s I, Alex Cross opposite Tyler Perry. Yes, that Tyler Perry, who will be playing the role previously held by Morgan Freeman.

Also of note, Ed Burns has also signed on to play Perry’s partner. Having not read the book, and having only looked at the summary of the novel, it seems most likely that he doesn’t make it to the end credits. It was reported that Fox’s character is an assassin/serial killer type who – when one of his plots are foiled by Perry’s Cross – makes it personal and gets in to a duel of wits with Cross. Fox is going against type here, which is what a lot of actors try to do after feeling anchored to one character for a while.

This film sets the stage for all three of its lead players to prove themselves. For Tyler Perry it’s his chance at crossover success to a mainstream (read: white) audience, something that’s eluded his very successful career so far. For Fox it’s a chance to show that he can do more than “Lost.” And for writer/director Rob Cohen, it’s a chance back into the mainstream. Cohen’s career has had a number of ups and downs, having made hits like The Fast and the Furious and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, but also films like Stealth and the third Mummy movie.

I, Alex Cross is one from a series of James Patterson’s Alex Cross books, and Cohen and Perry surely have hope this will becomes a franchise. If all goes well, eventually they may remake either Kiss the Girls or Along Came a Spider.

Do you believe Matthew Fox as a Psycho Killer?