Writer/Director/Producer/Actor/Podcaster/Stoner/Twitter Aficionado Kevin Smith is currently on his nationwide tour with his latest film Red State, and has been talking about how his next film Hit Somebody will be his last. When asked about John Goodman’s role in the next film via Twitter, Smith spoke well of Goodman’s role and decided to post a scene from the film on his website. For those interested in the scripting process, this would be a good page to save and copy for later comparison.

This is the text as currently written, and depending on the day, the actors and how many revisions the script goes through this scene could very well never be filmed, or turn into something different. Smith has talked in the past about how religious he is about the words he writes, and so this pass – though Smith stresses this is a work-in-progress – could be fairly close to the finished product. If nothing else, this gives a interesting perspective on how things change or don’t in the process of making a film.

The response to Red State has seemed to jell since Sundance. His fans like it, and almost everyone else calls it a good rough draft of an idea, but either an uneven or not very good finished product, with the film stopping cold for a talky and lengthy sermon. Since the film was self-financed and this tour is part of his way of making it profitable, it will be interesting to see if this is a workable business model for his next film.

This plan could be followed again or dismissed just as readily – Smith has been known to turn on his films if they are poorly received, even if he can’t take their criticisms (Smith now beats up on Cop Out, even though he rankled at the derision it took from critics), so his idea of self-releasing could just as easily be thrown under the proverbial tour bus.

Regardless, Smith has proved profitable on every venture, so the only thing that would hold up Hit Somebody‘s production is Smith’s schedule.  Here is a chance to catch a glimpse of what’s coming next.

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