Steve Martin, having worked with some legendary  titans of the entertainment industry in his decades-long career as a comedian, actor, writer, musician and all-time best host of Saturday Night Live ever (yes, there was a time when that actually meant something cool), finally found a collaborator that he was “flabbergasted” to be able to work with: former Beatle Paul McCartney.

That’s right: The Cute Beatle is featured on Martin’s second bluegrass album (dude’s a hardcore banjo enthusiast and player), the just released Rare Bird Alert, which also features such collaborators as The Dixie Chicks.

According to Dimewars, Martin was shocked that Macca was willing to work on the record:

“It’s very hard to believe… I was a kid when I first heard Paul McCartney, and if you told me one day that he’d be singing one of my tunes… I’m still flabbergasted.”

The album, released yesterday,  features 12 Martin-penned new bluegrass tunes, along with a live version of the 1978 Martin comedy classic, “King Tut.”  Rare Bird Alert is the follow up to Martin’s 2009 recorded bluegrass debut, the Grammy Award winning The Crow.

So check it out—any album that manages to squeeze the likes of Paul McCartney and Steve Martin together in a bluegrass context… man, that’s just wild.

What do you think—will you listen to Martin’s new album?