Realizing that in ten years China will own, well, everything, MGM has decided that it might not be the most advantageous idea in the world to have the increasingly super superpower invade the United States in its upcoming remake of Red Dawn (and yet, they somehow think it’s a good idea to actually remake Red Dawn, a Patrick Swayze film about high school students who repel a Communist invasion of the states.  Yup).

The AV Club reports that “although China has not made any official protest about the movie’s swapping in Chinese invaders for the original’s Soviet forces,” producers of Red Dawn are now scrambling to reshoot scenes from the already in-the-can remake, “altering dialogue, and digitally scrubbing all flags and military symbols so as not to jeopardize their ability to receive lucrative distribution deals and future financing from the rising superpower.”

So it now looks like the hostile aggressors in the film will now be North Koreans, because everyone knows it’d be safer to piss off a country led by a power-mad dictator armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons rather than China, a country which, thus far, hasn’t ground its wheels of progress to a halt over being mentioned as a villain in a movie about goddamn teenagers fighting off a Communist invasion (probably because it’s a movie about goddamn teenagers fighting off a Communist invasion).  Progress?

What do you think of the revamping of Red Dawn to exclude the Chinese threat?