Because you can only direct films about guys getting hit in the balls for so long, longtime Jackass director Jeff Tremaine is set to direct Revenge of the Jocks from Warner Bros.

The film’s premise is somewhat novel.  As /Film puts it, “in recent years, however, nerds (or geeks, if you prefer) have enjoyed a surge in social status — comic book franchises are huge, Judd Apatow and his Freaks & Geeks gang are the kings of comedy, Jesse Eisenberg is a sex symbol (at least on Tumblr)”  And it is in this world of the geek inheriting the earth that Revenge of the Jocks takes place.

In the film, three men, “once popular high school jocks with their glory days behind them, find themselves forced to adapt to a world run by the geek and nerd crowd, some of whom are only too eager to unleash their own tormenting on the new underdog class.”  It’s a clever spin on the Revenge of the Nerds premise, in which the nerds of the world rose up against their jock overlords for dominion of their college campus.

The film was written by Rami Cohen and Etan Cohen, and will be rewritten by Jeff Baena (of the wonderful I Heart Huckabees.  So, as much as we’ll all miss the groin-smashing noted above, this flick about losers sounds like a winner.

What do you think of the film’s premise?