So, are you curious about what, exactly, are the mind-bending twists featured in Duncan JonesSource Code?  Wondering why Jake Gyllenhaal looks so bug-eyed with stress in the trailers?  Curious what would happen if a big chunk of Quantum Leaps’ premise was to be dropped square in the middle of terrorism thriller?  Well, Yahoo! Movies has done you a favor and posted the first five minutes of sci-fi dazzler on line, just to hook the remaining five people in the world who weren’t yet intrigued by the film:


So there you have it, folks—Jake Gyllenhaal’s a military captain who body-hops into people for the last eight minutes of their lives, piecing together a violent act of terrorism inside Chicago.  It reminds me of that time I pretended to be doctor for a couple of weeks (though I can’t say much more about with all the lawsuits pending).  Call it Inception + Quantum Leap x modern action thriller = pretty damn neat.

Source Code also stars Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, and Jeffrey Wright, and is set for release on April 1st.  Be sure to check out the ScreenCrave review of the film, and dig Pee Wee Herman’s very simple breakdown of the film—he seems like he’s a fan.