Time for some kick-ass chick music to and support the estrogen bad-assery of Zach Snyder’s upcoming film Sucker Punch. The director boosts that the film is like “Alice In Wonderland with machine guns” – big shoes to fill… I like it! We already know the man knows his way around some hefty, slow-mo action shots and he’s successfully made one of the most visually stunning, all male action films of the past decade (300), so it’s about time he shows everyone that when it comes to hard-core action, sometimes it’s just better with women and the same thing goes for the music…

The soundtrack for Sucker Punch is being called more than just a soundtrack but “the audio companion” to the film. One can therefore guess that the songs will come into play during the film, though we’ll have to see if they break into song (wouldn’t that be interesting) or if since it seems as if they characters are escaping into their own minds, they’ll also be escaping into their own songs.

The soundtrack mixes a number of classic songs with what one can only imagine is a wild re-imagining of them. And who better to do that than the film stars? Featured on the album are two of the stars of the film Emily Browning (she’s so cute) and Carla Gugino (she’s so hot) with fellow kick-ass female musicians Bjork, Alison Mosshart, Emiliana Torrini and more.

“Sucker Punch: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” Track Listing:

  1. “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” – Emily Browning
  2. “Army Of Me (Sucker Punch Remix)” – Björk featuring Skunk Anansie
  3. “White Rabbit” – Emiliana Torrini
  4. “I Want It All”/”We Will Rock You” Mash-Up – Queen w/ Armageddon Aka Geddy
  5. “Search And Destroy” – Skunk Anansie
  6. “Tomorrow Never Knows” – Alison Mosshart and Carla Azar
  7. “Where Is My Mind?” – Yoav featuring Emily Browning
  8. “Asleep” – Emily Browning
  9. “Love Is The Drug” – Carla Gugino and Oscar Isaac

You can listen to the “Search & Destroy” by Skunk Anansie on PopEater now.

Here is some more info from the press release on the making of the music for the film and album:

Snyder collaborated with Grammy-nominated composer and music director Marius de Vries (Moulin Rouge!) and composer Tyler Bates (Watchmen, Californication) to create this collection that Artist Direct raves “is not only one of the best soundtracks this year, it’s also bound to be remembered as a classic. The film’s star Emily Browning lends a noir-ish croon to Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” that could send a chill up Marilyn Manson’s spine … The way that Snyder manipulates colors, visuals, and cinematic intensity is similar to the mash-up of “We Will Rock You” and “I Want It All” … Then Skunk Anansies’ interpretation of “Search And Destroy” ravages and roars with a nearly feline ferocity … This is the kind of soundtrack that needs to be listened to from front to back, and if it’s any indication, the film is destined to be one of the most mind-blowing and magnificent screen event this year, perhaps even the decade.”

The Sucker Punch Soundtrack will be released this coming Tuesday, March 22nd directly before the release of the film on March 25th!

Are you excited to sing along?