After Wolverine, there was some hope that 20th Century Fox was going to steer their X-Men franchise into better hands when writer/director Matthew Vaughn took the helm for X-Men: First Class. With a cast including Michael Fassbender, James McAvoyJanuary Jones, and academy award nominee Jennifer Lawrence, if nothing else, First Class seemed a step in the right direction. But then word leaked of late-in-the-game reshoots, and – for a film that’s due out in less than three months – there’s only recently been a teaser trailer and some posters that were strictly amateur hour. The first trailer offered a long prologue and some quick cut footage, but now’s there’s a Russian trailer with even more footage, a different focus and absolutely no English dialogue. Take a look…

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Perhaps the Cuban Missile crisis was not a way to sell the film to the former Soviet Union. Such may explain why the focus of this trailer is slightly different, though it may also be that with a couple more weeks of finished footage after the first teaser, there’s just more to work with. And so here Fassbender’s Magneto gets more attention, and so does Nicholas Hoult’s Beast. Fassbender’s star and sex appeal has definitely gone up recently, so it’s not a bad idea to put him front and center.

It’s hard to know what to make of this project still. Each new bit of footage suggests that this could be a pretty good movie, but with the film’s January reshoots (which were rumored to go on as long as six weeks – as long as some film’s shooting schedule) and those recent terrible posters, there’s no guarantee this will be any better than Wolverine.

Does this footage make you want to see X-Men First Class?