Wow.  Say what you will about the guy’s decision to auction off the distribution rights to his new horror film Red State to himself at Sundance, but you’ve got to give Kevin Smith one thing—if Red State is able to offend the Westboro Baptist Church (those lovely religious protestors of “God Hates F*gs, God Hates Israel, God Hates the Army, God Hates America” and more fame), he’s doing something right.

The film, which was inspired by members of charming little church, was screened in Kansas City over the weekend (as Smith has taken the film on the road for a screening/ Q+A tour to raise funds for Red State’s wide release in October), where, according to The AV Club, “Megan and Jael Phelps—Fred Phelps’ granddaughters and two of the younger, more dynamic members of the “God Hates F*gs” Family that the film is based on—who Smith promised would be there to both protest Red State beforehand, as well as appear on stage afterward to offer their reviews.”  Or, as Smith put it, “This is gonna be like watching Star Wars with Darth Vader right there in the audience!”

Well, not so much.  Turns out the hateful hollyrollers bailed on the film about fifteen minutes in—claiming it was “filth,” but Smith managed to speak to ex-members of the church during the Q+A.  While this may not sound like it amounts to much, even the smallest, most meager example of pissing off the Westboro Baptist Church is worth smiling and applauding.  If you disagree, check this out.