In a bold move for the rental outfit Netflix, their company is now in the lead to pick up the series House of Cards, according to Deadline Hollywood. The show is set to be produced by David Fincher and Kevin Spacey, with Fincher helming the pilot and with Spacey in the lead role of a political mastermind with his eye on becoming the British Prime Minister. Netflix is in the lead to distribute the show because they’ve supposedly commited to a two year, twenty-six episode deal. Based on the novel by Michael Dobbs, the book was previously turned into a British mini-series.

This would be Fincher’s first foray into directing television – his previous credits have been for music videos and feature films, while Spacey would be returning after having established himself in a great supporting actor after his turn on “Wiseguy” as Mel Profit in the 1980′s – for those who haven’t seen it, it’s the role that launched his on-screen career.

What is drawing the most attention about this deal, however, is that Netflix is signing on for its first television show. There have been a number of prestige dramas that have launched themselves on the small screen, like “Mad Menand “Boardwalk Empire,” that have gotten big budgets and A-list talent involved, but it’s the commitment that’s impressive. Many shows have not worked in this format, and it’s possibly a hundred million dollar gamble for the company, because if the show doesn’t catch on they’d be stuck to their two season commitment.

Branching out seems a necessity for a company like Netflix. Though it currently is dominating the streaming business (with 61%), as a third party business the shifting marketplace may eventually lead studios to abandon them altogether. How the world gets its movies and television is still evolving, and owning something seems the inevitable move forward for the company.

Are you excited for House of Cards?