Your Highness, a sword-and-sorcery pot comedy starring Danny McBride, James Franco, Academy award winner Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel opens April 8, and it feels like the advertising campaign for the David Gordon Green film should start kicking in to gear here any second. Though we’ve seen a hilarious red band trailer, the film has been relatively quiet since then in its build up to its release in less than a month.Today, Cinematical, IGN, and JoBlo debuted character posters for the film. Take a look…

It seems they’re selling the comedy with both Franco and McBride, but Portman gets to play it serious here:

Portman also seems willing to sell the sex, which was apparent in the red band trailer. Universal is trying to set the tone here, which suggests it’s not exactly grounded by any history, and has a touch of Scary Movie-esque unseriousness. The film was always going to be a little weird and out there, but funny is funny, and McBride has been on fire with Eastbound and Down while Green delivered with The Pinapple Express.

Are you high on Your Highness?