OK, gang, is anyone curious about the meaning or plot goings-on of the upcoming consciousness-swapping Jake Gyllenhaal film, Source Code?  Would anyone like to know what, exactly, is up with Pee Wee Herman’s Broadway show?

Well, since they both feature a disembodied genie head, talking armchair, terrorism in Chicago, a mad bomber, magic screens, and a green pterodactyl sidekick (actually, I can’t swear to that), Pee Wee Herman and Jake Gyllenhaal decided to film a couple of quick videos explaining the film and Broadway show, respectively.

First, there’s Pee Wee giving the lowdown on Source Code:

And then Gyllenhaal gets a little confused:

For more on Source Code, check out our ScreenCrave review.  As for Pee Wee Herman’s Broadway show, those of you not lucky enough to see, well, don’t fret.  The show is set to air on HBO sometime “in the near future.”  Until then, it’s back to the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure DVD, as well as sitting in your local multiplex and trying to figure out what the hell is happening in Source Code (hint, I’m pretty sure Jambi the Genie blows up a train in Chicago and then jumps into Cowboy Curtis’ mind right before he dies.  Or something).