The reviews are in on Zach Galifianakis’ (type that three times fast) Saturday Night Live hosting gig over the weekend, and the brilliant comic’s episode is getting—unsurprisingly—high marks for his hilarious monologue (“I wear a lot of Axe body spray, but I live in a black neighborhood, and it’s called Ask body spray, and if you don’t get that joke, then you’re not racist”), while the episode’s sketches are garnering—again, unsurprisingly—a general chorus of groans and mehs.

The New York Post called Zach’s monologue “brilliantly acerbic jokes followed by a musical moment — and delivered as many LPM’s (laughs per minute), but sadly the rest of the show couldn’t follow suit,” while the Onion AV Club nailed it as “essentially just five-odd minutes of his standup… so funny and has the crowd so on board that you’re suddenly super-hyped for the rest of the show. When the rest of the show turns out to be Saturday Night Live, well, it’s hard not to be disappointed.”

The Huffington Post got some giggles out of the episode’s Digital Short (always a highlight), as “Zach sits down with a bunch of ridiculously cute children and interviews them one by one to be his new personal assistant. Not only is he hilarious to the kids, but Zach plays off each of them really well, making them funnier by proxy.”

However, the episode’s remainder was more of the “But don’t change the channel just yet, folks!” variety, according to the AV Club, “because we’ve put every female cast member on the show in a spoof of The Talk that literally sucks the air out of the room! The funny thing about this leading sketch was that, in mocking a flat, lifeless show, it made SNL pretty darn lifeless.”

Oh well. You can always watch the two sketches above and then skip over to Two Ferns on Funny or Die and pretend like you’re watching a bizarrely funny and consistent SNL episode, right?