Because the lack of his eerie, owl-like gaze, bizarre non sequiturs,  and copious celebrity back-slapping have left an empty void at the center of your television, Larry King may well be returned to TV—not to CNN or any other 24-hour news network, however.  Turns out the Suspendered One may be a recurring comedic contributor to The Daily Show.

I’ll repeat that: Larry King might be doing recurring bits on The Daily Show.  Ok, just so we’re clear.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

“’The possibility has been discussed,’ the source says, adding that representatives for the Daily Show have had only one conversation with King.

“Insiders stressed that it’s very early in the process and there is always a possibility that talks could come to naught. King wouldn’t be a regular correspondent like John Oliver or Samantha Bee. Rather he would be an occasional contributor much like Lewis Black, Larry Wilmore or John Hodgman.

“The New York Post first reported King was in discussions with Comedy Central.   After King left Larry King Live in December, Jon Stewart declared, “There’s not enough Larry on TV.”

So there you have it—if this goes down, it’s sure to be one of the oddest pop-culture collusions in recent memory.