The idea of humans hunting humans has been around since The Most Dangerous Game was published back in 1924, but this week CSI: Miami is providing their own spin on the classic (albeit twisted) tale by throwing Horatio into the mix and letting the sparks fly.  Also on the table: a rare orchard hunter and an asshole stockbroker.  Read on to find out the details!

The Players:

  • Director: Adam Rodriguez
  • Written By: Adam Rodriguez
  • Cast: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Omar Benson Miller

Episode Title: “Hunting Ground”

When the team finds a man impaled by an arrow, they quickly find out that he was being hunted for sport.  When one of the purported victims reveals that there are more hunted men out there, the techs have to scramble to solve the case before anyone else gets murdered.  But when your suspects range from an orchid hunter to a stockbroker, it’s hard to pin anyone down for sure.

The Good:

  • The Game is Afoot: As a narrative device, human-hunting clubs are as fascinating as they are twisted, and it certainly makes for one heck of a show here.  We really get a sense of the “prey’s” fear as they desperately try to outrun the hunters; this is showcased spectacularly in the opening scene, where the chase is cut abruptly short with an arrow through the heart.  In addition, the fact that there are for sure going to be more killings lends extra tension to the plot, making the episode as a whole tighter and more compelling.
  • Subtitled in English: This may seem like a slightly odd thing to be talking about, but this episode of CSI: Miami did a really great job with subtitles.  Instead of remaining static at the bottom of the screen, they were placed next to the characters that spoke them which made them much easier to understand.  They were also displayed using some pretty nifty kinetic typography, where words appeared one at a time and were bolded if they were spoken forcefully.  It’s actually pretty darn innovative as a whole – the only similar subtitles were the ones in Slumdog Millionaire – and we hope it catches on, as it’s both visually interesting and more intelligible.

The Bad:

  • Dirty Horatio Rides Again: This is a Horatio-focused episode, and as a result it features plenty of his trademark police brutality.  Look, the people he messed with – a human trafficker and a human hunter - were totally scumbags, but when you threaten to burn a man on a hot stove and wave a shotgun in another man’s face while telling him to run, you’ve definitely crossed the line.  And it’s not even like H keeps it a secret: He does the former right in front of Ryan (who just goes along with it) and the latter while several armed policemen watch and do nothing.  It’s like he’s asking to get investigated for his, uh, “questionable methods.”
  • Bad Blood: One crucial plot element revolves around Natalia realizing that the hunter may have been bitten by a leech, then extracting the blood from said leech in order to get the DNA.  What they completely gloss over, however, is how the heck she got the leech to begin with.  They’re a dime a dozen in Miami, especially in the swamp-ridden Everglades where the bulk of the story takes place, and the idea of randomly chancing on the one leech that happens to contain blood from the killer is like finding a needle in a city-sized haystack.

The Quotable:

  • “Kill you?  Now why would you want me to do that?”
  • “I like those nature shows on cable, especially the ones where that… one guy fights the wild.”
  • “It’s academic now.” “…Not to these people.”
  • “I can do you one better – I got the plate.” “…That is better.”
  • “That’s fancy cop-talk for he saw your truck in the Everglades this morning.”
  • “Orchids?”
  • “That’s called wildlife, Ryan.”
  • “You wonder why I hate wildlife, I got a leech on my leg.” “Ew.”
  • “You’re looking at the Batmobile of arrows.”
  • “Going for a morning run, Javier?”
  • “Y’know, if you wanted to get to know me better all you had to do was ask.” “I did… for your DNA.”


A gripping episode with only a small amount of bad science (bad logic, really), this is some entertaining TV.  Definitely watch it, but be prepared to cringe at Horatio’s excesses.

Rating: 8/10

New episodes air every Sunday on CBS at 10 pm!

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