Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, covered in cold sweat and shrieking, as the realization that it’s been as least three months since you’ve seen Jason Statham glower his way through a 90-minute mishmash of quickly-edited fight scenes, car chases, and bad-ass baldness explodes inside your brain? No? Well, never mind then. Um, me either.

But, you know, just in case, Statham’s back for another cinematic dose of the above, this time in handy red-band trailer form!

His excuse for general badassery this time? According to /Film, in Blitz there’s a serial killer targeting cops and—get this!—Statham just so happens to be a sociopathically violent cop charged with catching the killer! Who would’ve put that together? Oh, and then there’s some guns, some dogs, and creative uses of pool cues (that may not be regulation, by the way).

Blitz is out May 6 in the UK, it has yet to receive a release date in the States. With a little luck, though, Statham will be back to beating the living bejeesus out of varied thugs and henchmen in your multiplex very, very soon. Because, honestly, The Mechanic already came out two months ago! How long should we have to wait, people?!