This morning a lot of us woke up to horrible news regarding the natural disasters that struck Japan. The country was hit with a massive earthquake of an 8.9-magnitude that was followed by a tsunami. This blow has left many dead or injured forcing the government to issue multiple tsunami warnings for other coastal areas, some of which include California, Oregon, Alaska, and British Columbia. The latter is the location being used for the latest sequel in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. Due to the nature of the the recent events the entire cast and crew had to be evacuated from their Vancouver set according to People.

Apparently, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and other members of the Wolf Pack had to be immediately evacuated from the beach location where they’d been filming. Reps claim that the actor’s weren’t in any danger but they’d rather be safe than sorry. We’re not sure when production will resume. They’re awaiting a green light from the weather authority to determine their next move.

Tinsel Korey, who plays Makah Emily Young recently tweeted, “They’re evacuating us 4 a tsunami [sic] warning. If this … is my last my tweet. I love you. The end. Hugz.” She went on to continue, “If this is the moment. Then I’ve lived a good life. And I’m thankful 4 everything I’ve been given.”

We don’t know where they are but we hope everyone remains safe and unharmed. This is serious stuff. The LATimes reports that over 1,000 people have died and at least 1,800 homes have been destroyed.

Stay strong everybody!