Visionary director Duncan Jones is back with Source Code a film that maintains the intellect and sophistication of his first work Moon, but this time with whole lot more punch.  His latest film somehow manages to appeal to mainstream audiences with pace, action and effects, without losing the details, story and character development that we loved in Moon. Truly it’s the best of both. A number of directors fumble on their second films after having their first film have such an impact. Many people questioned Jones but any doubts that you might have are blown away by the time you’re finished with the opening sequence of Source Code.

Watch out JJ and Nolan, you’ve got some serious competition in town that’s ready to take you on…

The Players:

The Plot:

I don’t want to tell you. It’s a sci-fi film about two people on a train — that’s really all you need to know.

The Good:

  • The Pacing: The film begins with a jolt and keeps moving until the credits roll. There was absolutely no time to think about whether or not this film lagged because you’re so involved as to what will happen next. There’s hardly even time for popcorn in this bad-boy!
  • The Acting: If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Duncan Jones’ asks a lot of his actors and when cast right he gets a lot out of them. It’s hard to single out any actor because all of them played their roles so well. Some had to cover their emotions, others were more over the top, all of them had a serious set of challenges in front of them and it was nice to see them all put to the test, succeed and give us a real show .
  • The Twists: I pride myself on predicting the ending of films and I even thought I had this one pegged and then it threw me and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Perhaps it was because I was so engaged in the story or maybe it was because they made great choices — any way you cut it, great twists always come down to great writing and it’s obvious that this film had a great screenplay to set up the rest of the film for success.
  • Similar to Moon But Different: I can’t get too in-depth on this without giving too much away and I would hate to ruin such a great experience for you, but there are a number of interesting similarities to Moon (which I will write about on a later date when people have had the chance to see the film) that were nice to see back on screen. There wasn’t enough repetition for anyone to feel like Jones was repeating himself, but enough to draw parallels to themes and characters that he obviously enjoys dissecting. Which leads me to…
  • Why That’s Good: Not enough people saw Moon, so hopefully after they see this film and know that it has some strong, enjoyable parallels it will finally receive the wide audience it always deserved.

The Bad:

  • Zip, zero. Go see it!


Go see this film. You should have seen Moon - if you didn’t, it’s time to experience the brilliance of Duncan Jones; if you did you will not be disappointed with his second film. This is a bigger, more mainstream Duncan Jones film, but it somehow manages to maintain the intellect and sophistication of his first work. It’s not quite as raw (which is something I love) BUT it’s much more accessible without being dumbed down. It’s without a doubt the best sci-fi, action thriller you’ll see this year –  very few directors are able to make such a big film and still remember the small details that make film worth loving. Don’t miss it!

Rating: 9.25/10

Source Code played opening night of SXSW March 11th and will be in theaters April 1st!

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I’m not putting the trailer into this review because there are too many spoilers. If you really need more convincing you can watch the trailer here.