This morning we got blown away by some good old fashioned science fiction thanks to the new trailer for JJ AbramsSuper 8. The film is produced by Steven Spielberg and we got a real E.T., Jurassic Park vibe from it, which is a good sign in our book! To follow up such a great piece of marketing, Paramount has released a poster for the film and it’s a total head trip. Take a look…

They’re really playing up the mystery factor for this film, which is refreshing considering how much movies are spoiled these days through trailers and posters. We have no idea what’s terrorizing the town (we assume it’s an alien), and we have no idea what it looks like. Super 8 is following in the same footsteps as Cloverfield. Remember when everyone wanted to know what the monster looked like? There was a whole viral campaign built around the great mystery.

This poster begs the question: why is everything side ways? Can the creature only see from that angle? Does it mean the town people’s world will be turned upside down? Who knows!

Super 8 opens in theaters everywhere on June 10th.

What do you think of the poster for Super 8? What does it all mean?

Source: Apple