After weeks of speculation, the superhero drama “The Cape” will finally finish up its short-lived first season. The series hasn’t earned spectacular ratings for NBC and its viewership actually decreased as the show progressed. But despite all that, the network will still air the season finale, it just won’t be on television. According to TVLine, the finale episode of “The Cape” will stream online.

Talk about being put out to pasture! They don’t clearly state that the show has been canceled because they refer to this episode as a “season” and not “series” finale” even though we have a feeling its the latter. The episode aptly titled ” End Game” will debut tonight at midnight (12 am EST) on

With “The Event” back on the roster and “Chuck” in full swing, the network thought this would be the best solution. Do we agree? Not so much. We think “The Cape” would have done better in the ratings if it aired during the summer. It had no chance of surviving against the big dogs during the regular TV season. It’s too campy, dated, and the writing’s not good enough.

Here’s the synopsis for the “End Game” finale:

THE CAPE AND VINCE FARRADAY’S WORLDS COLLIDE AND HARD TRUTHS ARE REVEALED — Police Chief Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick) lands behind bars, in the hands of ARK Corporation, fearing he may receive the same fate as Vince (David Lyons). Attempting to learn more about Vince’s disappearance, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) takes on Marty’s case, and the impervious ARK Corporation , only to discover secrets of betrayal. The Cape’s double identity becomes blurred when Max (Keith David) and the carnival of crime attempt to protect Dana, Marty and his family.

Will you be watching The Cape tonight? What do you think of NBC’s decision to air it online?