The fun continues in the “winning” household. Today apparently it was decided that Charlie Sheen might actually be a harm not to just himself and the airwaves, but possibly others — and not with his mind force, with guns! I was aware that he is a self-proclaimed super, Vatican, cooking, ninja (I dare you to make sense of that combination), but not that you he was holding anything greater than a set of crazy eyes. Apparently it was suspected that, Sheen might be packing more than just health pill and the Los Angeles police department searched actor Charlie Sheen’s house last night for firearms.

“We’re doing our due diligence,” said a police source that wished to remain anonymous, officials stated that searches are routine in cases involving a temporary restraining orders. Is this another publicity stunt? Someone trying to ruin his insane rampage? Or just a case of mistaken firearms?

The LAPD said Sheen was cooperative, there was no information on how many firearms were taken from the house.

Los Angeles police searched actor Charlie Sheen’s home Thursday night for guns that might be in violation of a temporary restraining order obtained last week by his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller.Officers arrived at Sheen’s home in the Sherman Oaks hills after informing his attorney. Sources said Sheen had guns registered to him that would be prohibited by Mueller’s restraining order.

“We’re doing our due-diligence,” said a Police Department source connected with the case who asked not to be identified. LAPD officials said such weapon searches are routine in cases in which a person is subject to a restraining order.

Despite one report that Sheen might be taken for an involuntary psychiatric evaluation because of his recent erratic behavior, there was no indication that authorities planned to remove the actor from his home. [latimes]

Wow — who said anything about removing him from his home? I agree with removing all children from his home so that he can spend some quality time with those goddesses of his and make for videos, tweets and anything else he can come up with for us to enjoy!

When will this crazy train be hitting the wall? Can anyone predict?