Via Cine 7

This weekend see’s Battle: Los Angeles, duke it out with new comers Mars Needs Moms, the teen thriller Red Riding Hood and last weeks slate of holdovers. In all it should be a fun weekend at the box office. And Now For Our Predictions….

#1: Battle: Los Angeles

It’s been nearly two months since  The Green Hornet arrived in theaters and moviegoers had a real action oriented flick to see. All that will change this weekend as the Aaron Eckhart action/sci fi Battle:Los Angeles takes over theaters. With a strong marketing campaign, lack of any real competition, this big-budgeted flick should open somewhat strong to claim the #1 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $26-32 M Opening Weekend Box Office.

#2: Rango

With a strong opening last weekend, modest word of mouth, and some competition from Mars Needs Moms, Rango should be able to hold strong and come in at the #2 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $20-22M Weekend Box Office.

#3 Red Riding Hood

Also opening this weekend is the long awaited Little Red Riding Hood adaption Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried and directed by Twilight’s Catherine Hardwick. Red Riding Hood should play well to teen-female audiences as it stars Amanda Seyfried and is from the director Twilight. Red Riding Hood faces also faces little competition this weekend so look for the film open in the #3 spot.

Our Prediction:$18-20M Opening Weekend Box Office.

#4 Mars Needs Moms

Likely falling short of the success of Gnomeo & Juliet, Rango comes Mars Needs Moms. With Rango, Gnomeo & Juliet still playing well, audiences getting tired of 3D films look for Mars Needs Moms to be left to the wayside and score a modest opening at best.  The Joan Cusack, Seth Green voiced Disney releases should find itself opening at the #4 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $13-14 M Opening Weekend Box Office.

#5 The Adjustment Bureau

The Matt Damon/Emily Blunt action-combo opened well last weekend and should continue to play strong as it should become the go to choice amongst adult movie goers.  However, the opening of Battle:Los Angeles should provide some direct competition as The Adjustment  Bureau should slip to the # 5 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $12-13M Weekend Box Office.

#6 Hall Pass: Our Prediction: $6M Weekend Box Office.

#7 Gnomeo & Juliet: Our Prediction:$5M Weekend Box Office.

#8: Beastly: Our Prediction $4-4.2M Weekend Box Office

#9 The King’s Speech: Our Prediction: $4M Weekend Box Office

#10 Just Go With It: Our Prediction: $3.5-3.8M Weekend Box Office.