There’s no doubt about it, you can’t stay away from Charlie Sheen –and he wouldn’t want you to, I mean just look at all the chaos, offers,  material and MONEY he’s been making. Jump aboard the train to insanity and enjoy the view! It’s like watching the Truman Show only he wants to be watched. I think the camera’s glare is the only thing keep him alive, it powers him! At first I thought, “leave the poor guy alone” but then I started watching and realized I myself was glued to the Charlie Sheen express headed straight for a wall! But until then, it’s time for some good old self-mocking and a few recipes to go with it…

It’s pretty clear now that this can’t all be happenstance — he’s got to be in some way intentionally doing all of this for cash, fame, to cure his boredom, or maybe because of a bet? I wonder if the whole cocaine stunt was even real? Perhaps he has the best publicist/management team in the world who can spin literally anything into a diamond.

To me this all feels more like a performance piece, like Joaquin Phoenix did with I’m Still Here, only there’s been no word of a documentary being filmed yet — though they sure as hell will have enough footage soon to put one together! Wouldn’t you love it if that 60 Minute special they did was all just a gag?

Perhaps it’s all just as simple as Sheen having an amazing sense of self and how to market himself and do whatever the fuck he wants. After all, he is doing Charlie Sheen and as long as the cameras are rolling, I doubt he stops.

I for one have boarded the train, but what do you think?

What do you think is up with Charlie Sheen?

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