We knew it was coming. Steve Carell’s final bow on the NBC hit “The Office” is just around the corner. A while ago we learned that the actor and his alter ego Michael Scott wouldn’t stay on board for the end of the season. The character’s last appearance was speculated to occur with four episodes left on the schedule. Over on TV Guide, they’ve announced the official date and it’s closer than you think…

Carell will make his final “Office” appearance next month on April 28th. What are we going to do without him? We’ve had more than enough time to prep for his departure but that doesn’t make this decision any easier. One of the ways the writers are trying to distract us from this pending blow is by bringing in special guests.

It was announced earlier this year that Carell’s Anchorman co-star Will Ferrell would be stopping by for a short story arc. His entrance is supposed to overlap with Scott’s exit. On another note, the character’s love interest Holly (Amy Ryan) won’t be around for his last hoorah, which kind of sucks.

Ferrell will stay on board for one more episode after Carell leaves, so expect to see him again on May 5th.

What do you think of Carell’s air date? Is it too soon?