What the heck is going on with Sony’s Men in Black 3? The movie has experienced more than its fair share of problems over the past few months and things are getting worse. According to THR, the film began shooting last fall despite having an incomplete script and now that’s coming back to bite them in the butts!

Last month we reported that production on MIB 3 had been put on hiatus for a second time until March 28th. Now, the trade is reporting that problems continue to haunt the production due to the lack of script. Apparently, the studio began shooting back in November so they could take advantage of the New York tax breaks. They think the lost money due to delays will be made up in the long run.

David Koepp, who did uncredited work on the first MIB, has been brought on board to work out complex script issues involving time travel.” There are some people who suspect that Sony gave the film a green light because of the eager stars. When you get Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Barry Sonnenfeld ready to go you don’t keep them waiting.

Unfortunately, they’re decision to jump the gun might make MIB 3 the first commercial disaster of the new decade. It’s been having problems from the very beginning. Will they be able to come out of this?

Do you think Men In Black 3 will come out on top? Do you think Sony jumped the gun?