ImageMovers’ final film, Mars Needs Moms, hits theaters this weekend. Noted for re-animating classics like The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol, Disney’s IMB takes a bow with this Berkeley Breathed adaptation directed by Simon Wells.

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The Players:

  • Director: Simon Wells
  • Adaptation: Simon Wells, Wendy Wells
  • Book: Berkeley Breathed
  • Cast: Seth Green, Dan Folgi, Joan Cusack

The Plot:

Mars’ devil of a dictator insists that the planet’s children are best raised by robots with human parenting competence. Much to her son’s dismay, a human mother is abducted and relocated to Martian territory. Her son, Milo (Green) with the help of his lunatic of a companion, Dribble (Folger), cops a ride on an alien space ship to reclaim his mother.

The Good:

  • Fam-Friendly: Most Disney-labeled projects scream child-friendly, but few have the capacity to appeal to the entire motley crew. The whole “Martian thieves of mom-ness” factor presents parenthood as one of the film’s major themes (which should arouse the less than enthusiastic moms/dads that have been dragged to the theatre) without losing their obvious target audience: children.
  • Action/3D: We’ve got aliens catapulting through space, parading through trash mounds, blah blah blah – totally gratuitous commotion, but the kids will dig the chaos.
  • Visuals: The quality of motion capture animation is continually advancing and Robert Zemeckis is certainly no joke. However, I’ll confess that I’m not entirely keen on the industry’s current 3D frenzy. The debatable overuse of this trend leaves audiences paying more for a visual affect that’s not always enhancing the picture (and Disney is notorious for relying on tremendous visuals to outshine their dreadful story-lines). That being said, the extraterrestrial setting for Mars Needs Moms makes the film a perfect example of  a story with the potential to be advanced by this form of technology. The effectiveness of Wells’ action sequences is amplified when the outer space dramatics are sweeping through the audience.

The Bad:

  • Vocals: I feel a strong need to note the sheer shitty-ness of the vocal performances in this picture. The aggravating noises leaving the mouths of these aliens didn’t appear to quite fit their images. (This is why Disney should’ve hired the beast that is Robin Williams to voice every role in the film).


At risk of exposing the magnitude of my lameness I admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this adorable little picture.


The film hits theaters nationwide March, 11!

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