Last month we posted the first trailer for Cameron Diaz’s upcoming comedy Bad Teacher. It was a red band version and as you might suspect it featured some explicit content. Every curse word under the sun was used, and a scantily clad Diaz was shown washing a car in nothing more than a crop top and daisy dukes. We’re sure that will get guys into the theaters. Over on Yahoo Movies, they’ve released a teaser trailer that’s less gratuitous and more low key. Check it out…

We’re convinced that Diaz watched Billy Bob Thornton’s performance in Bad Santa and made it her own for this movie. The similarities between the title and the content are hard to ignore. The plot itself is paper thin and predictable, but what else would you expect from this type of comedy? You be the judge..

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This trailer needs some more Jason Segel. Justin Timberlake is fine and all but Segel is the man! We love the argument he has at the end of this trailer with the young kid about Michael Jordan vs Lebron James, because haven’t we all heard that one before? It hits so close to home.


Bad Teacher opens in theaters on June 24th.

What do you think of the new trailer for Bad Teacher?