Earlier today we posted two horrible posters from X-Men First Class. They featured Charles and Erik aka Professor X and Magneto, and they were some of the worst one sheets we’ve ever seen. We think the folks over at 20th Century Fox picked up on the scathing response of fans and quickly decided to make up for it. Over on the official X-Men Movie Facebook Page, they’ve released a production still from the film that features Lucas Till as Alex Summers aka Havok.

We’ve been pretty straight forward about how we feel towards Havok and his involvement in this movie. It’s just strange that he would be a member of the first class of X-Men, when we all know his older brother Cyclops (Scott Summers) originally was. If this was a reboot, we’d understand the lack of consistency but isn’t this supposed to be a prequel? Doesn’t this film take place 37 years prior to X-Men (2000)?

Is Havok standing in an early incarnation of the Danger Room? Or is he trying to escape from some place? Do you remember when a sentinel popped up in the trailer for X-Men The Last Stand and it turned out to be a simulation from the Danger Room? Maybe this is one of those scenarios?

X-Men First Class is set to hit theaters on June 3, 2011.

What do you think of the latest photo from X-Men First Class?

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