Just when you thought Hollywood’s ideas couldn’t get any worse, we learn about a developing “parade” movie. But not just any parade, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! According to THR, two producers are looking to bring the historical event to the big screen in story form (rolls eyes).

The producers are Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers of IAM Entertainment, and they’ve recently closed a deal to produce a Macy’s film surrounding the parade. “We’re aiming to make a four-quadrant, family-friendly film somewhere in that Night At The Museum, Elf sweet spot,” Glassgold says.

The only way this would make sense is if it centered on a family’s adventures while trying to get to the parade, or while at the parade but who knows? The possibilities are literally endless. The folks over at Macy’s have no problem with this free advertising. According to the chain’s senior VP Robin Hall, “We are always searching for the next Miracle on 34th Street.”

Yes sir, that film did feature Macy’s excessively but it wasn’t the center or the root of the story. Miracle on 34th Street was about having faith in each other, and never losing it no matter if your an adult or a child. That’s why the story has stayed relevant all these years. Are they trying to get that deep here? We doubt it.

What do you think of seeing a movie based on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? Will you watch it?