Much like his former co-star Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn of “Lost” fame has landed a new series gig. According to TVLine, the actor will return to ABC, unlike Emerson who’s trying his luck over at CBS with the show “Person of Interest“. O’Quinn is attached to headline a new pilot from “Desperate Housewives” creators Marc Cherry and Sabrina Wind called “Hallelujah.”

The series will be a drama with musical elements according to the site. It’s “set in the town of Hallelujah, Tenn., which is being torn apart by the forces of good and evil and whose fortunes change when a stranger (Law & Order‘s Jesse L. Martin) comes to town, bringing justice, peace and possibly restoring faith.”

O’Quinn’s character Del will be the bad guy (no surprise here). He’s a charming and corrupt millionaire who owns the town and has everyone in his back pocket. We have nothing against the cast of this show thus far, Martin, O’Quinn, and Francis O’Connor are all great but must this be another musical?

NBC is also producing a music-themed drama with Debra Messing and Anjelica Huston called “Smash.” But the premise has more to do with the corrupt politics of Broadway than anything supernatural.

What do you think of O’Quinn’s new show? Will you watch?