Yesterday we received confirmation from director Guillermo del Toro that he will NOT direct the Universal Pictures horror film At the Mountains of Madness. The studio didn’t feel comfortable bankrolling a project with an R rating and a $150 million budget. Their loss is Legendary Pictures’ gain because the studio had been courting del Toro to helm their feature Pacific Rim and today they’ve announced that that he’s officially on board!

Legendary Pictures announced del Toro is directing Pacific Rim, and the film will begin principal photography in September. The film is a tentpole based on a 25 page treatment written by Travis Beachmam, who also penned the screenplay. Del Toro had this to say about the project:

“We started developing PAC RIM a while ago with the mad passion and enthusiasm of a project unwatched and unchecked by politics or comparisons. We designed and shepherded the movie we want to make. We start shooting in September and we hit the ground running because we are so in sync. My partnership with Legendary represents, both in scale and creative demands, a huge step forward for me.”

Pacific Rim is a science fiction epic that will take place in the future and center on dangerous creatures attacking Earth. We have nothing bad to say about the movie because we don’t know much about it. But we have to be honest, At the Mountains of Madness would have been really bad ass if Universal had given it a chance. Now we’ll never know what could have been.

Pacific Rim is set to hit theaters in 2013.

What do you think of del Toro taking on Pacific Rim?

Source: Coming Soon