Last year, the internet was hit with a wave of terrifying photos that featured rapper turned actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. He appeared gaunt and dangerously frail and no one knew why. It turned out that he dropped a massive amount of weight to appear in a film called Things Fall Apart. It’s a drama that centers on a college football player who’s struck with cancer. Over on Vulture, they’ve posted the film’s unofficial first trailer and it shows us where all of Jackson’s hard work went…

Things Fall Apart is directed by and stars Mario Van Peeples, who plays Jackson’s father and features Ray Liotta (what’s been up with his choices lately) as the doctor aiding him during his treatment process. The cast also includes Lynn Whitfield as Jackson’s mother and Steve Eastin.

The trailer itself has Lifetime Original Movie written all over it. We’re assuming the “unofficial” release is being used to give fans a feel for the film. Unfortunately, we think it’s doing more harm than good. The dialogue is stereotypical. The slow motion is laughable. The montages are beyond cliche, and most of all everyone is wasting their talent. I’ve seen the actors do way better than this in other projects, even 50!

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This movie can not be directed by the same man who did New Jack City! It just can’t be!

What do you think of the unofficial trailer for Things Fall Apart?