Just when we thought the Tomb Raider reboot was dead in the water, it resurfaces like a Phoenix! According to THR, the movie is still happening and they’ve officially set a timeline for when it will hit theaters. The last time we saw the character on the big screen was in 2003 with the sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, where of course Angelina Jolie played the title character.

Producer Graham King and his GK Films company have recently acquired the rights to the Tomb Raider series, and they’re about to put them to work. According to GK Films, the goal is to “create daring new adventures for the young and dynamic Lara Croft.” There have been rumors in the past of Megan Fox taking over the role, but the actress has denied that more than once.

The studio has yet to hire a writer for the project, but they’re very clear about what they want the story to entail. Instead of it being a continuation of Croft’s adventures, they want it to be an origin story. The film is set to hit theaters in 2013.

We were fans of the Tomb Raider video games, but hated the movies. They were extremely boring and didn’t due the game justice. To be honest, we don’t have high hopes for this one.

What do you think of Tomb Raider returning to the big screen? Are you interested?