Walt Disney has confirmed a report that director Marc Forster is in talks to helm their new sci-fi property, The Runner. Over at Deadline, that got word that the studio acquired a pitch for the film that also has super producer Brian Grazer attached. With the power of Disney, the business savvy of Grazer, and the creative vision of Forster, they might be on to something.

In the message from the studio they said:

The Walt Disney Studios has acquired and is in development on the science fiction project THE RUNNER. Disney is currently collaborating with writer Dave Andron, Apparatus Entertainment’s Marc Forster and Brad Simpson, Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer, and Blacklight Transmedia’s Zak Kadison and Eric Lieb.We look forward to sharing more details on this exciting project as they become available.

Over at Deadline, they already seem to have the details. The story takes place in 2027 and centers on “a group of survivors living in the Rocky Mountains have discovered a way to send a man back in time. While the volunteer departs under the guise of trying to stop the devastating attack, he has an ulterior motive: to save the love of his life.”

We have time travel, drastic living conditions, and 20 plus years of future technology at the center of this story. That’s a lot to take in, but as fans of Forster we have no doubts in his ability. The love story at the center of it all, seems a bit much, but we’ll let it slide. With so much science fiction, you have to throw in some humanity for good measure.

What do you think of Forster possibly directing this film? Good move?