Marc Anthony has officially made the transition from music star to actor. Last year, he made a guest appearance on the hit TNT series “Hawthorne” opposite producer and star Jada Pinkett Smith. His character was a police detective named Nick Renata, and even though he only appeared in two episodes, he left a lasting impression. According to a press release sent out by the network, Anthony has been bumped up to series regular.

Anthony joins “Hawthorne” as a series regular just as Pinkett Smith’s Christina Hawthorne, Chief Nursing Officer of James River Hospital, struggles with news that she is pregnant. The two developed a strong bond last season while Renata investigated a pair of criminal cases involving the hospital. But Christina, whose on-again, off-again romance with Dr. Tom Wakefield (Michael Vartan – “Alias”) has been a mess of mixed signals and bad timing, told Nick she was not ready to jump into a new relationship.

We knew something more could happen between those two. Christina has a lot on her plate, work wise and personally due to her pregnancy. We wonder how Mr. Renata’s going to fit into this equation? “Hawthorne” won’t return to television until June, which means we have to wait it out for a few more months but we’re not sure if we can last that long!

What complications will Renata bring to the table? How will he effect Tom and Christina’s relationship? So many questions, and no answers.

What do you think of Marc Anthony joining the cast of Hawthorne? What does this mean for the story?

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