This year, The Dark Knight Rises will finally go into production, which means the last installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series is upon us. The director has made no secret about ending his run after the third film, so we’ve all braced ourselves for his exit. Recently we learned that TDKR will feature Bane and Catwoman, and possibly Talia Al Ghul and The League of Shadows as villains. That’s a lot to take in and it has some of us worried that the series might be doing too much. The Dark Knight was a huge blockbuster that was loved by fans and critics, which means its sequel will have big shoes to fill.

Co-star Gary Oldman, who plays Jim Gordon in the series, recently spoke to MTV about TDKR and he claims that it will have a really great story.

Oldman confirms that he hasn’t read the entire script for The Dark Knight Rises (we’re not surprised), but he likes what he’s seen so far. “It’s a great, great story. You look at ‘The Dark Knight’ and you think, ‘How’s he going to top it?’ But I think he has.” He went on to say something interesting about how the plot comes full circle with the first film.

“The scope and also the way he brings it back to ‘Batman Begins,’” says the actor when asked to described the film’s climatic tone, “and really what Bruce Wayne discovers about himself. What he learns about himself at the end of this one.”

When he talks about Batman Begins, it makes me wonder if Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character will be a villain who has a connection to Falcone? Perhaps, a son who has revenge on the brain following his father demise? What do you think?

What do you think of Oldman’s insight into the story? Do you think it will wrap up the trilogy by returning to the beginning?