CSI: Miami hasn’t had an old-fashioned serial killer since the beginning of season 9, but they’re breaking that streak now – and breaking it with style.  Four kidnapped women, several abandoned houses, and a particularly gruesome set of pliers set the bloody scene for this episode; read on to find out the details.

The Players:

  • Director: Gina Lamar
  • Written By: Krystal Houghton Ziv
  • Cast: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Omar Benson Miller

Episode Title: “Blood Lust”

When a young woman manages to escape the murderous clutches of a kidnapper, the hunt is on.  The CSI team quickly concludes that this is the work of a serial killer and that he will likely strike again soon, making this a battle against the clock as well.  The stakes mount up when another woman is captured, leaving the team scrambling to figure out whodunit – and leading to a shocking finale.

The Good:

  • Let’s Play a Game: In this day and age, any show that involves psychotic serial kidnapping and murder inevitably gets compared to Saw, and this episode is no different.  But it’s not a bad thing here; there’s all the tense atmosphere of the so-called “torture porn” flicks with none of the gimmicky traps that tend to plague those films – just some rope and pliers, both used for maximum effect.  It made the opening scene terrifying and lent an overall feeling of creepiness to the entire proceeding that worked quite effectively.
  • Natural Born Killers: SPOILER ALERT – seriously, we’re going to talk about the ending here; you’ve been warned.  The identity of the killer couple at the heart of this mystery was a nice – although kind of predictable – twist, but what really made it stick was the performances, particularly that of Michelle (Alicia Witt.)  She did an amazing job of transforming from a traumatized victim to an insane murderer, and even if you guessed what was coming it was still an absolute treat to watch her give the role her all.

The Bad:

  • Ryan Wolfe, Butterfly Whisperer: In a surprising twist, this week’s episode did not feature a computer doing impossibly good analysis of evidence.  No, instead they had a human do it.  The idea that a crime lab might have access to an insect database isn’t totally outrageous, but the fact that Ryan was able to figure out the exact species of butterfly from a single fragment of a torn wing after sifting through a handful of photos is ludicrous.  If he had eyes that good, he should have been able to figure out exactly who the killer was as soon as he lay eyes on him.
  • Walk, Don’t Run: SPOILER ALERT – seriously, we’re going to talk about the ending here; you’ve been warned. As good of a twist ending as the ending was, it makes the opening scene absolutely ridiculous.  There’s no reason at all Michelle should have alerted the police to the kidnappings; she didn’t need to run away from the killers, as she was one of them.  Instead she made sure the cops knew she was involved in the case and then did nothing to draw their suspicion on anyone else.  We understand that expecting coherent thought from insane people is an exercise in frustration, but seeing as she seemed to have planned every other aspect of her murders out so well it’s odd that she totally messed the crucial “don’t tell the cops” step.

The Quotable:

  • “You must have missed him by a few minutes.” “And that was all… that was needed.”
  • “Her recordkeeping leaves a lot to be desired.” “I didn’t think you hired her for her recordkeeping.”
  • “Do you know what species?” “By eyeballing it?”
  • “We’re dealing… with a serial killer.”
  • “Hey Tom, look at how Ryan’s holding his shovel.” “Hey Tom, also make a note of how Ryan’s doing all the shoveling by himself.”
  • “DNA… in the form of a pubic hair.”
  • “So you’re cheating on your girlfriend.” “…Once.”
  • “The very last.”
  • “So you’re saying insanity is contagious?”


A scary episode with a pretty good (although simultaneously predictable and implausible) twist, it’s a great watch if you want atmosphere without a lot of logic.

Rating: 7/10

New episodes air every Sunday on CBS at 10 pm!

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