After a week of sh*t talking and media coverage, Charlie Sheen, the self-proclaimed winner in his battle against CBS and Warner Bros has lost. His hit TV series “Two and a Half Men” was previously suspended for the rest of the season due to his public behavior, and his battle with the show’s creator Chuck Lorre. But despite the bumpy road, he told multiple interviewers that he would return for another season if they rectified the situation. Unfortunately, CBS and The WB don’t want anything to do with the actor. According to a recently statement, Charlie Sheen has been fired!

“After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services from `Two and A Half Men’ effective immediately,” according to the studio.

They have not decided what direction they will go in for the future. Will they replace the actor? Or will they cancel the show all together? Do does this mean he’s still winning? We guess he can live off the royalties from the show and his films and the plethora of new opportunities that capitalize on his infamous reputation.

We didn’t even watch “Two and a Half Men” and we feel bad that it had to come to this.

What do you think of CBS firing Sheen? Good move? Or will this blow up in their faces?

Source: EW