Over the past week we’ve been blessed with what the world is calling Sheenisms. Actor Charlie Sheen has become a media sensation thanks to his bizarre behavior and lively interviews. If you haven’t checked out his funniest quotes you should. They’re an interesting read. We knew it wouldn’t be long before he became tabloid and late night fodder for the masses and host Jimmy Fallon has delivered the most hilarious and accurate portrayal of Sheen yet. Check out the video and you’ll see why it’s the “winning” piece…

Here’s the set up: Fallon has taken a bunch of quotes from various interviews and acted them out for an ad. The ad is for a cologne called, you guessed it, “Winning.” The phrase pops up more than once during the video. See if you can fully understand or see Fallon through the haze of smoke and arrogance floating in the air.

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What’s so sad is that this is a great idea! Sheen should have thought of it. While he’s waiting for the next shoe to drop with “Two and a Half Men” he could be capitalizing on this “Winning” formula!

What do you think of Fallon’s impersonation?  Did you think it was funny?