VIa We Got This Covered

The Oscar race is over and this weekend will see a slate of new releases all competing for the top prize at the box office. Johnny Depp’s Rango, and Matt Damon’s The Adjustment Bureau will see mild competition from such teen fare as Topher Grace’s Take Me Home Tonight, and the Vanessa Hudgen’s starrer Beastly. In all, it should be a busy weekend filled with choices.

And Now For Our Predictions…

#1 Rango

Johnny Depp’s last film, The Tourist may have been a box office disappointment but that should all change with the release of Rango. The success of Gnomeo & Juliet showed that there is a major void to be filled in animated films aimed at children. With a solid marketing campaign, decent reviews, and the usually reliable Depp, look for Rango to open at number 1 this weekend.

Our Prediction: $36M-42M Opening Weekend Box Office.

#2 The Adjustment Bureau

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt look to score a solid box office opening this weekend with their sci-fi action/thriller. With solid reviews, the ample star power of Damon and Blunt, The Adjustment Bureau should be able to fend off fellow competitor Unknown, to score a good opening and land at the number 2 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $16-17M Opening Weekend Box Office

# 3 The Kings Speech

With an Oscar win for best picture The King’s Speech should continue it’s solid box office run and may even see a boost at the box office weekend. Look for the film to land at the number 3 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $9M Weekend Box Office.

#4  Gnomeo & Juliet

Over the past few weeks Gnomeo & Juliet has become a solid box performer with strong week to week holds and strong buzz. However, this surprise box office smash should take a hit this weekend with the new release of Rango and land at the number 4 spot.

Our Prediction: 8M Weekend Box Office.

# 5 Unknown

Liam Neeson’s adult action/thriller has seen itself performing modestly at the box office, however it should take a hit from The Adjustment Bureau opening this weekend and land at the number 5 spot.

Our Prediction: $7-7.5M Weekend Box Office.

#6 Hall Pass

Our Prediction: $6.5M Weekend Box Office

#7 Beastly

Our Prediction-$6 Weekend Box Office.


Our Prediction-$5-5.5M Weekend Box Office.

9: Just Go With It

Our Prediction $5 Weekend Box Office.

#10: Take Me Home Tonight

Our Prediction $4M Weekend Box Office.