The first trailer for James Gunn’s feature film Super has been released. The movie is about a vigilante superhero and his overeager sidekick. Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page are the sadistic duo that take matters into their own hands when the cops fail. The play by their own rules and the law need not apply. Check them out in action…

Super centers on regular guy who takes on a superhero alter ego when his wife falls under the spell of a notorious drug dealer played by Kevin Bacon. And by spell we mean heroin, coke, crack, whatever drug he has in his arsenal. After she becomes a full on druggie he’s pushed to the edge and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Bacon looks pretty snazzy in this trailer. Granted he plays a horrible person, but he dresses nice. He’s almost a more modern version of his character Sebastian Shaw in X-Men First Class.

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Doesn’t this bring back old Juno memories to see both Page and Wilson together again? It’s been too long.

Super opens in theaters on April 1st.

What do you think of the first trailer for Super? Does it look funny?

Source: Yahoo Movies