It’s Friday and the mood is right. It’s time to recount some hilarious and strange odds and ends from the world of news. As usual, Charlie Sheen is maintaining a strong presence so we’ve got something from him. We also have an update on Fox’s TV series “House,” and what the cast of Jackass are coming out with next.

  • Paramount Picks Up Two Films From Jackass Crew: Johnny Knoxville and his stunt gang are on a winning streak with Paramount. The studio has picked up the pitches First Man and Mustache Riders. [Deadline]
  • The Best Charlie Sheen Quotes: Everyone wants a piece of Charlie Sheen and he continues to dish amazing and confusing advice. [Unreality Magazine]
  • House Channels Two and a Half Men: On an upcoming episode of Fox’s “House” they’ll have a special segment that features Hugh Laurie’s character as a rehabbed ladies man, who’s become domesticated for Cuddy and her 8 year old daughter. [TV Line]
  • Ripley’s Orlando Odditorium Acquires Terminator Statue: Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to stand side by side a life sized replica of The Terminator? Some people have, while others think it’s down right weird! [EW]
  • Seven Deadly Games of Sinning: The title explains it all. Enjoy! [Unreality Magazine]