More actors have joined the cast of the upcoming “Wonder Woman” reboot for NBC. According to EW, British actor Cary Elwes has signed on for an important role that will have him working very closely with the title character. Several other actors have also been added to the series roster including Tracie Thoms and Pedro Pascal.

Elwes will play “the CEO of Themyscira Industries — Diana Prince’s company. He manages day-to-day operations while Prince goes out and fights crime as Wonder Woman and could eventually serve as the heroine’s romantic interest.” Adrianne Palicki plays Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and we think she’s a little too young to be the love interest of Elwes. We love Elwes and all but that’s a bit much.

Thoms has been cast as Etta, Prince’s best friend and personal assistant, while Pascal will star as Ed Indelicato, “a police officer who befriends Wonder Woman.” And in the role of a lifetime, Elizabeth Hurley has been cast as the main villain.  She’ll play “Veronica Cale, the beautiful, highly educated head of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country who is afflicted with serious deep-seated Wonder Woman envy.”

What do you think of the developing cast of Wonder Woman?

Additional Source: THR, Deadline