The Adjustment Bureau, AKA a little something for everyone. Much like what I predicted when they released some clips for this film, this is very much a story with a lot of running around, a lot of “I love you, come back!”, and some cool special effects. It’s kind of like the Bourne films mixed with some Romeo and Juliet, with a sprinkle of Inception and a pinch of religion — like I said a little something for everyone. But, the real reason to see this film for more than that, check out why below…

The Players:

The Plot:

A politician and a modern dancer, fall in love — could it be destiny? But what if someone has decided that destiny isn’t a good enough reason for these two to be together? What if that someone has a different plan and a way to implement it? Will they be willing to risk everything and stay together, or will they be parted forever?

The Good:

  • The SFX: There are a lot of subtle, almost old school door swapping methods in this film that are a lot of fun. I have no doubt it was all done with CGI, but sometimes simple is better.
  • Matt Damon and Emily Blunt: Women want him; men want to be him AND men want her; women want to be her… I don’t think you could have found a better and more equal duo. Their chemistry is great, they’re both exceptionally easy to watch, they’re both able to do the action scenes and yet act when necessary — overall if these two are the main reason to see this film.
  • Blunt’s Dress: I don’t know if that was double stick tape or the best dress ever built, but how the hell did she run in that thing and it her boobs stay in exactly the same place and look that good? Well done dress, you deserve a round of applause.
  • Supporting Cast: The leads are great, but they’re enhanced by a wonderful supporting cast which includes two of the best looking men in suites: Slattery and Mackie — just a little something extra for the ladies. The rest of the cast is equally impressive and really helps make this a well rounded film.
  • The Idea: The idea behind what drives the film is actually pretty interesting, the problem is, because it’s so complex they have to over-explain it at times and almost make it too easy to grasp — but that’s not to say that there is nothing to it all!

The Bad:

  • Not That Complex: There are a couple of fun twists and turns in the story but I really wanted something that would blow be away and make me think. Again, there’s a lot of great ideas, that are at times well pulled off (John Slattery gets some of the best moments), but there just isn’t enough of them to walk away fully satisfied. The biggest problem with this film is that they do a lot of great build up but when it comes time for the ending…
  • The Ending Feels Like an After Thought: This film was pushed back several months and there were rumors of re-shoots, I don’t know if the ending was the reason why, but it felt like the film actually had another 20-30 minutes and a different ending. Though this one is satisfying enough, something tells me we’re not getting all of what Nolfi had in mind — something about it was just a little too easy.


This film is much better than the average action, romance and really goes for everything 100%. There’s enough cool concept and chemistry between the two actors to keep you entertained but at the end of the day it’s not that great of a reveal and there’s nothing mind-blowing about it. It’s a simple, easy to watch action movie with a lot of romance — you can tell this one was screen tested for both sexes.

Rating: 6.5/10

The Adjustment Bureau hits theaters March 4th!


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