Here’s some news that we saw coming a mile away. Screen Gems has just announced the release date for their next sequel in the Resident Evil franchise. The film, which is tentatively called Resident Evil 5, is a follow up to fourth installment in the series Afterlife. If you saw the last movie, it gave a strong indication that there was more zombie action headed our way.

The studio has set the release date for Resident Evil 5 as September 14, 2012. The last three films in the franchise were also released in September so it looks like they’re sticking with a formula that works. Afterlife earned $296.2 million at the worldwide box office. We’re assuming a chunk of that gross had to do with it being in 3D, which we assume the sequel will be as well (sigh).

Paul W.S. Anderson hasn’t been confirmed as the director, but we assume he’ll be involved in some capacity (producer).

[Spoilers for Afterlife]

There are a couple of things we want to see in the sequel: A Chris and Jill Valentine reunion and Jill and Alice battling each other. Does Chris and Jill even know each other in the film universe? They’ve swapped things around so much we’re not sure what story they’re following.

Are you interested in seeing another Resident Evil movie? Will you be at the theater opening weekend?