Why are we not surprised by this headline? Charlie Sheen has been all over the news this week committing, what some think, is career suicide. His antics may turn certain people off but it hasn’t affected his draw in Hollywood. Apparently, his behavior is the the type of thing that director Todd Phillips wants for his next film, The Hangover Part II according to BadassDigest.

You might be asking yourself, isn’t The Hangover Part II done filming? The short answer: Yes, it is. But that doesn’t mean Sheen can’t pop in for a day or two of footage. At the moment, he’s hot and a trusted source close to the sequel says Phillips wants him in the movie. It is possible for them to squeeze in a cameo as a pick up day, which isn’t uncommon in the industry.

The bad thing about this is, we don’t know where Sheen will be by the time The Hangover Part II is released (May 26th). Will the general public have grown tired of his behavior? Will his one million plus Twitter fans shrink to a choice few? This is definitely a time issue. We can see why they want Sheen but it seems like a dangerous bet. What do you think?

Would you be interested in seeing Sheen appear in The Hangover Part II? Do you think it would be in bad taste?