Where has Ashley Judd been hiding? During the nineties you couldn’t have a movie with a damsel in distress without her in the lead but lately she’s been laying low. She’s had supporting parts here and there and even appeared in that Godawful family film Tooth Fairy opposite Dwayne Johnson last year. After a long hiatus, Judd has decided to go back to her roots — television!

According to the SunTimes, Judd has signed on to star in the TV pilot “Missing” for ABC. This won’t be her first stint as a regular on a series. Does anyone remember her role on “Sisters?” She appeared on three seasons before making it big in movies.

The new show “Missing” will center on “a worried mom whose son disappeared in Italy while on a summer internship. As she travels to Europe to find her son, it becomes clear that she’s a former CIA agent.”

Damn it, Ashley. Someone’s always disappearing around this woman. She should have no problem finding her son considering all the training she got from Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls.

Is it just us or have there been a few TV shows coming out called “Missing” lately? Can you recall any?

What do you think of Judd heading back to television?