Tom Hanks and Tim Allen want to turn their big screen partnership into a live action feature. The duo have worked “together” on all three Toy Story films as Buzz Lightyear and the Cowboy Woody and now they’re ready for a new collaboration. According to Deadline, Hanks and Allen are looking to star in a family film called Jungle Cruise for, you guessed it, Disney.

Staying in the same spirit as Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney wants to adapt their Magic Kingdom theme park ride Jungle Cruise for the big screen. They’re making moves to nab Hanks and Allen to headline the project, which they’ve been trying to produce for years. They’ve hired Roger S.H. Schulman to write the script but a director has yet to be found.

Jungle Cruise will be a great segue for Allen who’s set to return to television next year in a new pilot for ABC. This will be his first regular TV gig since “Home Improvement.”

The actual Jungle Cruise attraction,  features a boat ride throughout various rivers where different animatronic jungle animals pop up during the journey. We think we have an idea of how they can work that into a story. It reminds us of Allen’s 1997 film Jungle 2 Jungle.

Can Jungle Cruise be turned into a movie?