When you’re Johnny Depp, everyone wants to talk to you, about you, with you… and when sitting in front of certain members of the press, they want to dig a little too deep sometimes. One of the things that makes Johnny Depp who he is, is that not only does he not take issue with inappropriate or random questions, he actually takes it a step further and says something even more random in response. Normally he’ll bring it back at the end and give some kind of “real” answer but not without a bit of fun and a few statements that most celebs wouldn’t dare say. And why? He’s Johnny Depp, why not?

So now let’s take a look at a little piece I like to call “Fucking With The Press ” with some of my favorite ridiculous moments from the Rango press conference (read the more serious version here)…

Just to set the scene, the director of the film Gore Verbinksi was there and seemed to be rather accustomed to the insanity of a press conference. Joining him was Isla Fisher who was very well behaved and well spoken during the press conference and Abigail Breslin who managed to get a few good punches in. Check it out now…

PRESS: Johnny, over here.


PRESS: Hi, how are you? I wanted to, with all due respect, congratulate you on your Golden Globe nomination that you got earlier in the year.

JOHNNY DEPP: Oh, thank you very much.

PRESS: Although you didn’t win it. What do you make of the -

JOHNNY DEPP: I didn’t? [LAUGHTER] They told me I did.

GORE VERBINSKI: Went to Santa Claus.

PRESS: And what about the brouhaha that went with the Golden Globe nomination – that whole sub-story?

JOHNNY DEPP: Well, what was it? I don’t really -

GORE VERBINSKI: What was the sub-story?

JOHNNY DEPP: I don’t really know about it, myself.

PRESS: Okay, fine.

PRESS 2: Steroids.

JOHNNY DEPP: I mean – what?


JOHNNY DEPP: The fact that I’m pumping steroids? [LAUGHS]


MODERATOR: Let’s move on to our next question.

JOHNNY DEPP: I’ve never used steroids. [LAUGHTER]

GORE VERBINSKI: Maybe you should.

JOHNNY DEPP: It is in fact… it’s not steroids; it’s suppositories. [LAUGHTER]. You know, it’s a French thing. You know, it’s an addiction and I’m working on it. I’ll get through it. [LAUGHTER]

And then it gets better! Note that this member of the press had a VERY heavy Spanish accent which may be why it goes on for so long…

PRESS: This question is for Johnny Depp. You say that you trust more in the kids – and what do you think, when you’ll get that attention from the other people, especially from the women? [LAUGHTER]



JOHNNY DEPP: I do trust kids. I do.

PRESS: What do you think when you get that attention from the other people, like especially from the woman?

JOHNNY DEPP: From the woman -

PRESS: You can be found attractive, and what comes from the women, yes.

JOHNNY DEPP: What comes from the woman?


JOHNNY DEPP: I’m sorry.

PRESS: What do you think?


PRESS: What do you think when you get the attention from other people, especially from the woman?

GORE VERBINSKI: When you get attention.


PRESS: When you say that you trust more in the kids -

GORE VERBINSKI: Do you trust women, basically?

JOHNNY DEPP: I do, I do -


JOHNNY DEPP: I do trust women. I have a lot of women in my life. I have a mother. I have a woman, I have a – yeah, there’s a lot of women around me. And I do trust them and they trust me, as far as I know.

Then he tried to give a real answer but I prefer “The Lizard King” story which somehow lead to Justine Bieber:

PRESS: No disrespect to anyone in the room, but probably for you, Johnny, the only real critics that you pay attention to are your kids. How do they feel about their dad playing a lizard? Were they down with it? Did it work for them?

JOHNNY DEPP: They actually call me the Lizard King. My children – they do. I’ve forced them to address me like that since they were tykes.


JOHNNY DEPP: Yeah – no, it was an odd sort of thing, you know. “Where you going, Daddy?” “Ah, I gotta go to work.” “What are you doing?” “Well, I’m playing a lizard.” [PAUSE] “Okay.” You know, it’d literally be that kind of thing – you drop your kids off at school, you know, give them a kiss and it was, “Oh, yeah – now I’m gonna go be a lizard.” Or – you know, the things that I’ve done that my kids have been sort of privy to, I mean, Willy Wonka and all – they don’t – it doesn’t register. They’re just kind of, you know, they’re far more interested in you know, “Family Guy” or Justin Bieber or you know – [LAUGHTER]

JOHNNY DEPP: I’m just -

PRESS: Are you a Belieber?

JOHNNY DEPP: A Belieber? Wow. [LAUGHTER] I’ve actually never heard that one. [LAUGHTER] And that is my favorite. And you know what? Yes. I am a Belieber. I am. And I shall remain so.

Abigail Breslin is way ahead of her time and has learned a few things from watching Depp have fun at press conferences:

PRESS: My question is for Johnny. Rango’s character told the lies to the people, to kind of a situation, to get through a critical situation. But I’m pretty sure everybody has experienced lying to someone else. So I’d like to ask you, could you share with us your kind of lying experience?

JOHNNY DEPP: I actually tell lies for a living. Exactly. I mean, that’s what acting is, really.

GORE VERBINSKI: That was a lie.

JOHNNY DEPP: Yeah, I was lying. I’m sorry.

PRESS: Your voice didn’t go up.

JOHNNY DEPP: No. It’s kind of stuck at the moment, in this register. Yeah, there are certain – I mean, you know, I felt having kids and stuff like that, I had horrific guilt for many years, playing along with the Santa Claus thing.

PRESS: Oh, yeah.

JOHNNY DEPP: Do you know what I mean? And waiting for that moment to arrive where you – they – because you’re never going to bring it up to them. They’re going to arrive and say, “Hey, you’ve been telling me a lie for my entire life. What are you prepared to do about that?” I mean, it’s like that kind of thing. So yeah, I had horrific guilt. And we’re now kind of just on the outskirts of that, so I feel okay. But no, these are lies that society tells you – you must – you must keep these lies, you know, going – these kind of myths. Yeah, and I feel guilt about it; I still do.

ABIGAIL BRESLIN: Santa’s not real?


JOHNNY DEPP: No, no – he is.



JOHNNY DEPP: No, I had to lie and tell her that he’s not. It was horrible.

So next time you’re reading a rumor on line, just remember, all his jokes made headlines, that doesn’t mean that there’s any truth to them, sometimes a person just needs to find their own way to keep their sanity amongst the insane!

Rango is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2011.