Two more actresses have been thrown into the ring for the lead role in The Hunger Games. Everyone and their daughter wants a piece of this project and several sources claim that Oscar nominees Jennifer Lawrence and Hailee Steinfeld are the latest candidates. A blonde and a brunette are up for the role of Katniss, which would you choose?

The Hunger Games takes place in the futuristic ruins of North America, which crumbled and was replaced by a Capitol and 12 districts. Each district is forced to supply 2 teenagers, between 12 and 18. They participate in The Hunger Games, a televised reality series that pits the contestants against one another in a battle to the death.

The heroine is 16-year old Katniss Everdeen, a skilled hunter who’s adept with a bow and arrow. She replaces her younger sister, who was chosen in a lottery. She is joined by a baker’s son who is also chosen from her dirt poor home district.

Steinfeld recently told MTV that she’d met with director Gary Ross about playing the lead in the film. Even though she’s closer to the look and age of Katniss than Lawrence, the blonde might be a front runner for the part. According to Lainey Gossip,

“Jennifer Lawrence’s name came up repeatedly. Then, over the weekend, sources confirmed to me exclusively that she’d read for it and they loved her. So much. Like no one else they’ve seen has even come close to what she delivered. The way it was described to me: ‘Jennifer really went for it and she blew them away’. I’m told a deal is being hammered out right now. And they’re almost there. Some details still need to be finalised, and anything can happen where negotiations are concerned, but they’re close. Lionsgate apparently really wants her.”

Arg, but do the fans want her? We’ll take Lawrence as a young Mystique in X-Men First Class, but as Katniss in the Hunger Games? No dice.

Who do you think should play Katniss?